Phone: 0402 469 118
A: 14a Old Princes Highway, Falls Creek NSW 2540

Set in the Jervis Bay area, this home was transformed from bare ground, into a unique rural garden. Starting with the addition of a large three tier water fountain, built into a sandstone surrounded koi pond, in the middle of the main granite drive. A dry river bed effect was constructed along side the drive, to act as a stormwater drain, and also add interest. The water course is planted with native grasses and low shrubbery. The formal lawn was raised with the use of a boulder wall, with a three meter set of entry stone steps. The use of art, at this entry point, draws visitors to the outdoor living space, for tea and scones.


  • 1. Water feature
  • 2. Front entry
  • 3. Front lawn
  • 4. Before
  • 5. After
  • 6. Garage access
  • 7. Water course
  • 8.Balled hedge
  • 9. Main Drive
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